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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My current project

The Pattern:

I am working on attempt 2 of the Oliver + S Music Class Blouse for S. There was a lot of new techniques for me such as pintucks, collars, plankets for buttonholes, snaps.

What I learned from my first attempt:

Make notes as I work- I underlined lots of information that I knew I would overlook.

Practice my hand-sewing. My collar looked pitiful until I looked at some tutorials on blindstitching.

I need more practice on how to transfer pattern markings. Ugh- that was sad. I also needed to make sure I was making the marks on the right side.

I have the pattern pieces cut for round 2. It's on practice fabric- an old sheet. We'll see how it goes before I go to my real fabric.

Then off to the skirt.