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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2nd part of THE Frock

Ack!! I hate that the only time I have to sew is extremely late at night when I should be sleeping. So I made a mistake with one of the sleeves. Plus it is not as big and billowy as I wanted. I guess I should have gone with 2 times the arm circumference instead of 1.5. But I kinda of like it. It tones it down for me.
I'm starting to think of changing the neckine. I don't want to make the buttonholes and buttons. My daughter will not like me buttoning up her shirt. She likes fast and simple. So maybe I will leave the neckline similar to the other but maybe it will fold down instead of staying up? I don't know. ugh. Maybe some elastic thread at top of the collar and then the bias tape. hmmm. UPDATED!!! Ugh, I realized I cut the neck part wrong and that's why I had such a hard time. I was to cut that part twice and that wierd "cut front frill" line was for the second piece I cut. Ugh, makes so much more sense. Still need to figure out the sleeves, but I think I'm onto it now. So *THIS* tester is going to go in a completely different direction. Will make the "original" at home tonight. Back to the drawing board. I think I'm going to make it in a blue print fabric that I have at home. I'm so excited. I am learning from my EPIC mistakes!

Here is what I have so far:Collar and sleeves

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

*MY* version of the Village Frock Dress

I cannot get my hands on that pattern. Ugh. So, I am taking parts of the Simply Sweet Frock and the translated tutorial of the Village Frock and making it my own.

I didn't like the sleeves on Simply Sweet. I loved the sleeves on the Village Frock. So after I cut the pattern, I measured the sleeve and since Selah is petite (can wear a 12-18 month garment), I cut them halfway.

At first I didn't understand why I needed to cut the front. So, of course breaking my own rule of sewing after midnight, I cut the the sleeve part off and thought I should just reattach it correctly. Ummm,NOO!!! I had to use my trusty seam ripper and reconnect it all. oopsie.

So after I did that, I sewed down the sides. So far so good.

However, the neck frill is bothering me. I said to cut (or at least I thought it did.) After I gathered and released, it would NOT fit.

so I'm going to recut that piece without cutting the front and gather and attach. That will be tonight's mission. Hopefully I will tackle the sleeves as well.

I am so excited. Here it is so far.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easter Dress time

It's time for my 3rd Annual Easter Dress making! In years past, it's been easy to find a dress and just sew it. The hardest part was the fabric selection. However, this year I'm considering about 5 dresses! Eek! Please know that the fabric choices are just testers. It is NOT the fabric for the Easter Dresses.

Dress one is from the Scientific Seamstress- The Precious Dress.

Test 1.0

Dress two is from Mani Mina on Etsy: The French Ruffle Dress

Easter tester 2

There are 3 more in contention. One is the School Photo Dress from Oliver + S. The other two are from Owly Baby- The Lucy Wrap Dress and the Sundae Dress.

I have to make 2 of the final dress- one for each girl. Fun times ahead!